Winter is Coming

30th Oct 2014

At The One Eyed Turtle we strive to be prepared for all seasons!  This year, we have some beautiful handmade sweaters, capes, ruanas, scarves, cardigans...we are really excited about our global f … read more

The One Eyed Turtle and the Floating Log

Green Koan Case 54: Nichiren’s One-Eyed Turtle by Clark Strand on 18th Jul 2014

ichiren Daishonin Nichiren (1222 – 1282) is the founder of the sect of Japanese Buddhism that bears his name. Nichiren Buddhists believe it is possible to attain Buddhahood in this lifetime by … read more

Recipe for Almond Brittle using Power Chai!

14th Feb 2014

This amazing chai candy is a treat on any occasion. It's a version of brittle made with Power Chai® (in our La Bodega store) and California grown almonds, instead of peanuts. The recipe makes 1-2 poun … read more