Fair Trade is Fair For All!

Welcome!  Several years ago we discovered the beauty of fair trade and the satisfaction of supporting groups of diverse artisans from around the world. Our passion was strong, so we decided to open an online business that brings these lovely products to customers who are globally aware and ethnically inclined.  In our search for unique and affordable products we have found artisans here in the United States as well as in many sometimes forgotten parts of the world. We also focus working with women-owned businesses.  

Our products are sourced from ethical and fair trade oriented vendors.  The international trade groups do well in providing us with lists of organizations that can work directly with the artisan groups in the vast underdeveloped areas of the world. The One Eyed Turtle can be a part of the value chain offering unique, good quality products that are touched by human hands and that provides the producer an honest, living wage. We at The One Eyed Turtle can offer merchandise picked with you, the customer, in mind.  Thank you for helping to complete the circle of Fair Trade.  

"Many years ago there was a One Eyed Turtle who swam close to the bottom of the sea. One day he decided to seek a sandalwood log in which to place himself perfectly to have the sun warm his back and cool his tummy. He went to the "wise one" to seek advice on how to find such a log. After searching without any luck, he went back to the "wise one" and wanted to know why he failed. The "wise one" said: "happiness must come from within, you have been seeking something which you carried with you all this time."

This story has Buddhist origins and you can be reminded of this great wisdom every time you enjoy the products from these innovative and creative artisans from around the world.


What is Fair Trade?
You may wish to visit the Fair Trade Federation for a detailed understanding of Fair Trade.

The principles of the Fair Trade Federation are to:

1. Create Opportunities for Economically and Socially Marginalized Producers 

2. Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships

3. Build Capacity

4. Promote Fair Trade

5. Pay Promptly and Fairly

6. Support Safe and Empowering Working Conditions

7. Ensure the Rights of Children 

8. Cultivate Environmental Stewardship 

9. Respect Cultural Identity