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Life May Not Be Black and White...But This Season's Trend Certainly Is!

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It comes time again to pull out the sweaters and long pants as winter is quickly approaching! Fall and winter are times for simple, dark clothing and natural looking makeup. Here at The One Eyed Turtle, we have some unique pieces for those who love black and white. While the places we get these products from, like Pakistan, normally wear bright colors, these dresses and shirts are more monochromatic.

American women are in love with the chic look of neutral colors, but wearing only black and white can get boring.The intricate details like the embroidery on this dress (left) from India, give the perfect little splash of bright color that the dress needed. Black and white is a classic look anyone can pull off and adding the bit of color makes it all the more interesting and fun.

This is where we come in. At The One Eyed Turtle, we work with small artisan groups all over the world to design beautiful products that combine our love for black and white with the artisan’s love of bright colors. You can add a pop of color to any outfit through these hand-sewn embellishments, or pair solid color pieces with, bold accessories such as leggings scarves or jackets like the one below. The jacket itself is still black and white, but pairing it with a bright shirt or pair of leggings could be just what you need in your fall/winter wardrobe.

The One Eyed Turtle is an ethical fashion boutique. This means none of our products are from sweatshops and our profits go to the artisan groups who actually made the clothing. As a part of the fair trade movement, we work closely with the artisans and groups that make the products to ensure that everything is done in a fair, safe manner. Fair trade groups do not use child labor or work their artisans for long, often unsafe, hours in poor conditions.

Next time you go to a department store, look at the label and see where it is made. When you buy a product with “MADE IN CHINA” written on the tag, just think of who exactly is making that and what it stands for.

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